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Terms & Conditions

You hereby agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:



People under the influence of any alcohol or drugs will be refused and the bookings will be cancelled with no refund.  Do not climb on anything, if you need to gain access to something higher in the room, a stool/step ladder will be provided. Photos of each team will be taken at the end of the game and said photos will be uploaded to our social media channels, unless the team notifies us otherwise. 



Our games may contain flashing lights and smoke, please plan accordingly if any of your party suffer from epilepsy or asthma. Customer with heart or mental afflictions are prohibited from playing our games as our experience involve high levels of stress, this also applies to any pregnant customer. At times it may be rather cold inside our escape rooms, we ask that you dress appropriately however if at any point you feel overheated we have storage areas available where your personal effects are taken care of. 



Due to the nature of the game, no recordings can be taken inside the room. That includes the use of mobile phones, recording devices (video and/ or audio) and cameras. The use of such a device is not permitted at any time. We must ask that guests do not discuss and details of our games after the visit either directly/indirectly as we wish to uphold the mystery for each experience. We request that you do not bring and food or drink into the escape rooms or waiting area, however we do have a kitchen in which any food you may have can be consumed. Any violence or abuse against our staff is strictly prohibited, we reserve the right to take any legal actions if this agreement is broken.



The company is entitled to charge customers for any or loss caused to equipment, intentionally or through misuse of items. The company is not liable for any (personal or equipment) damage caused by not following the rules in this agreement and on site instructions. The company is not responsible for any injury caused by not following the rules and instructions.


Thank you for taking the time to understand our terms and conditions, we look forward to hosting your 404 Escape experience.

Thanks for accepting our T&Cs, wish you enjoy the game!

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